The Horsehead is the first Boss in Zelda II: Adventures of Link, and guards the Parapa Palace’s temple statue.


Horsehead is wears a heavy armor and can only

be weakend if Link jumps and attacks his head during the battle as seen in the screenshot.

Horsehead is also one of the old Nintendo characters

which appeared in the old Captain N cartoon series in one episode (and gets defeated there by Captain N)


 HorseHead from Zelda II for Link's Blacklist



This was one of the last submissions for Link’s Blacklist Round II and made by Jmatchead who participated in multiple Game Art HQ Art Projects already!

He wrote the following to describe his illustration:

“Horsehead kind of scared me as a kid. He’s just got an unsettling design. There isn’t a ton of fan art of the guy, so I tried to give him a somewhat unique look. It might be a little corny to have the horseshoe theme a bit so obvious.

I really enjoy cute little Link at the bottom.”

Horsehead Zelda II

Our second Illustration of the Horsehead was contributed by Chris Zesiul as one of the first submissions for Link’s Blacklist IV in March 2014. Horsehead Zelda 2 for Link's Blacklist IV

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