Rebonack Zelda II for Link's Blacklist

Rebonack is the third boss in the Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link and also a mini boss in the Three-Eye Rock Palace.

Rebonack Battle

He is a strong Iron Knuckle in a blue armor who rides a floating mechanical horse, after being hit a few times, the horse will run away and Rebonack will attack Link with different attacks than before. Like a few other Zelda bosses he made it into the Captain N cartoon series (twice even).


Rebonack Zelda II Art

I am glad that a handfull artists picked the characters from Zelda II for the second round of Link’s Blacklist since our tribute is about the whole series and not just the latest Zelda games, i bet that many of you, the readers of these lines never played Zelda 1,2,3 and through Link’s Blacklist you see the foes of the early Zelda games for the first time. The overall design of these enemies changed a lot or? ūüôā

Ripley4077 from the Netherlands wrote the following to describe his illustration of Rebonack:

“I picked Rebonack or Rebonakku which most likely stands for Levo-Knuckle when correctly translated, it’s Barba al over again! :nuu: He is the Island Palace boss in Zelda II ‘The Adventure of Link’, . Even after you separate him from the mechanical horse he is still more powerful than a standard Blue Knuckle since Rebonack has better blocking skills.

It’s funny though, I don’t even see him like this, at least not the horse part. I see the horse as a fully mechanical thing but when I started drawing him it just felt more interesting making it like an actual severed horse head he attached himself to the mechanical body…I don’t know.”



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