Scaldera LoZ SS for Link's Blacklist

Scaldera is the Boss from the Earth Temple in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Its some  funny mix between a lava ball, an insect, and its armor at the first half of the battle which has to be attacked with bombs.  


Our first submission of the Scaldera was drawn by Anokazue from Malaysia who contributed Levias illustration last year for the start of Link’s Blacklist already!

She submitted the Scaldera just 3 days before the deadline of LB Round II and wrote the following about it:

“I hope I haven’t missed the deadline hahaha oTL /shotdead
Hope you like my entry~! ;w; Be sure to take a look at the other amazing entries too!
Honestly I don’t even remember why I chose to draw this ugly monster haha xD
But I really enjoy this Scaldera battle (which is like a chasing game) and its music is super epic”

Scaldera Zelda SS Screen 

 Scaldera LoZ SS for Link's Blacklist 2Our second submission of  Scaldera comes from OveroneHundred from the UK


While it looks very different and the setup of the battle is different as well, the fight itself against Scaldera is relative similar to the one against King Dodongo in Zelda. Ocarina of Time, Bombs are the solution to win this battle 🙂 Scaldera Zelda Skyward Sword

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