Ghirahim Render

Ghirahim is one of the main antagonists in Zelda: Skyward Sword and faces Link multiple times in the game. He is probably the most arrogant foe ever in a Zelda game too and often taunts and mocks Link before, during and even after the battles.

Until the end of the game he sees Link not really as a threat.

Ghirahim has two different designs in the game, for his final form, look up our other gallery for him here.


Our first illustration of Ghirahim in his normal design was created by an UniqueLegend from Australia who known for her superb Legend of Zelda art since years, and she participated for the second time in Link’s Blacklist now!

Ghirahim Zelda SS for Link's Blacklist 


Ghirahim is the probably most popular Zelda: Skyward Sword character and was drawn a couple of times already for the Link’s Blacklist since he has multiple designs actually.

In this year it was possible for the artists to claim the antagonists that were drawn before already and so it was no wonder that Ghirahim was one of the first characters claimed for the 2015 round.


Karniz was fast enough and drew a really accurate illustration of the flamboyant Demon King ūüôā


Ghirahim Legend of Zelda LB2015


Ghirahim LOZ SS Link's Blacklist IV

Ghirahim Funny


Ghirahim is a quite funny and popular villain and was drawn the 2nd time for Link’s Blacklist in May 2014 as part of the 4th Round of our big Art Collaboration.

Edward JagieŇāŇāo from Poland, the artist behind the 2nd illustration is quite new on board at GA-HQ, this is his 2nd submission after the Rupee Like from Phantom Hourglasses before.


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