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Morrigan Aensland is a character from the Darkstalkers fighting games and debuted in 1994 in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors for Arcades and later the Sony Playstation.

She gained huge popularity due to her sexy design and returned in all later Darkstalkers games as well as all Marvel vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. SNK Crossover games. Later she also appeared as guest character in games like Gunbird 2, We love Golf! and even in Monster Hunter Frontier among other crossover fighting games and SRPG’s like Namco X Capcom, Cross Edge, or Project X Zone, its sequel and a good handful more.

Morrigan Aensland is one of the most popular female fighting game characters and got a super high number of really great artworks by fans as well as a ton of super-sexy and beautiful cosplay tributes as well.


Due to the big popularity of Morrigan, we have a big Fan-Art Gallery of her with over 20 artworks.


Morrigan Aensland from the Darkstalkers and many Crossover Games by Capcom: an Overview

Charactername: Morrigan Aensland   Developed /Created by Capcom
Gameseries:  Darkstalkers, Many Crossover games like Marvel vs. Capcom   First seen on: Arcades  
First Game:  Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors   Year first seen in: 1994 
Last Game: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017)   Birthplace: Scotland
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character      
Additional Tags: Succubus,   Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Lilith   See also:  


Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Darkstalkers Resurrection Game Art

Darkstalkers Resurrection (2013)

Morrigan Project X Zone Official Game Art Render

Project X Zone  (2012)

Morrigan Onimusha Soul Official Game Art

Onimusha Soul (2012)

Morrigan UMVC3 Game Art

UMVC3 (2011)

Morrigan Aensland MVC3 Official Game Art

MVC3 (2011)

Morrigan NxC Game Art

Namco X Capcom (2005)

Morrigan CVS2 Official Game Art Capcom Side Morrigan CVS2 SNK Side Art

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (2001)



Morrigan Aensland n Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Morrigan Aensland is not yet a part of a Game-Art-HQ Community Art Collaboration

Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Morrigan Aensland


New Morrigan Fan Art from 2016:


Morrigan the Sexy Succubus by Carlos Morilla

Morrigan the sexy Succubus

by Carlos Morilla



This is only a small selection of Morrigan Aensland Game Art by Fans, visit the bigger gallery here

Morrigan Aensland 2015 Fan Art

Morrigan Aensland

By Jurithedreamer

Morrigan Darkstalkers Sexy Pin Up Art

Morrigan Pin Up Art

by Vandrell


Morrigan Sexy Illustration Game Art

Morrigan Aensland Art

by Tyler “ArtofTy” James

The Succubus

by M. Ansar Ali

Morrigan Aensland Oil Painting

Morrigan Oil Painting

by Mancomb-Seepwood


Morrigan by Artgerm

by Stanley Lau

Morrigan Cosplay Art

Morrigan Cosplay

by Giorgiacosplay




Updates and additions in the Morrigan Aensland Gallery & Overview

 30.08.2016 – Project X Zone Art and Fan Art by CM added