Poe Zelda WW for Link's Blacklist

The Poe’s are recurring enemies which made their debut in Zelda ALTTP and returned in almost all later Zelda games including Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The designs of the Poe changes in almost every game they appear in,and in Wind Waker the Poe has probably its funniest look so far. Here they appear mostly in the Earth Temple and try to attack Link with their lamps.


Isabelle Caron from Canada drew this illustration of the Poe’s in their Zelda WW design and submitted her artwork just one day before the deadline of the 2nd round of Link’s Blacklist, due to that she wrote the following:

“Thank goodness I was able to finish this on time. I was scared I wouldn’t make it! Now that I think about it, the Poes’ poses are somewhat representative of that, like they’re just barging in on the blacklist party haha XDD”



Poe Enemies Zelda WW 

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Poe Zelda OoT

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Poe Zelda TP

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