Morth Zelda WW for Link's Blacklist

 Why Morths? Well, I was playing through WW a few days ago and they were so annoying that I just couldn’t get them out of my mind along with a quote my friend likes to recite a lot, “The difference between a threat and a nuisance is only a matter of numbers…”… I had to paint them.

by Asashi-Kami

Since the start of the Link’s Blacklist back in summer 2012, Asashi-Kami from the USA stands for outstanding submissions of the not so popular characters from the Legend of Zelda series for our Project, last time with the Big Skulltula from Ocarina of Time, and now with these Morth’s some of the smallest enemies ever in the Zelda series who super rarely got any attention before by fans like Asashi mentioned.


Morth are minor enemies (beings) in the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and can’t hurt Link but slow him down a bit if many of them latch on to him. Morth Zelda Wind Waker

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