Aquamentus LoZ for Link's Blacklist

Be nice and say hello when Aquamentus, the first dungeon boss in the long history of the Legend of Zelda games will encounter you in the Eagle Dungeon as a first taste of many boss-fights to come!

Back in 1986 this creature appeared right before Link when he made it to the boss room, behind Aquamentus is the closed door which would lead Link to a shard of the Triforce of Wisdom ..and a Heart Container.


“Picked this guy, cause let’s face it. He is the first boss most people fight. This was one of the first video games I ever played so there is a special place in my heart for this big old piece of fodder.

His design is clunky and undetailed, so I took some liberties. Since his sprite only has two big teeth, I decided to play up some snake like aspects, lengthen out the neck a little bit and give him retractable fangs.
Some art released later gives him hooves, but I don’t see it in the original sprite so much.”

Aquamentus Art

Dragonariaes aka Christine aka the self proclaimed cuddle monster from the USA joined Link’s Blacklist with multiple artworks including even a real Puppet of the Puppet Ganon Boss from LoZ: The Wind Waker. Aquamentus from the classic Legend of Zelda was actually her third submission and impressed already back in January 2013 as part of our 2nd Round of Link’s Blacklist.

Beside being a Zelda fan she is a creative & professional  artist through and through and shows a lot of different types of art in her gallery including even costumes and clothes.


Aquamentus Legend of Zelda Battle




Aquamentus Legend of Zelda

Back in 1986 the video game characters were not so detailed and scary looking as today.

Aquamentus is one of these characters which were meant to be really big but due to the technical limitations it was not yet possible to display a big dragon in a video game yet.

Aquamentus Zelda OoS

Aquamentus returned as example in LoZ Oracle of Seasons many years later, and now, thanks to the GBC hardware and clever developers he was 5 times as big as Link and much more detailed too. I kinda hope to see this guy in another big Zelda, maybe on a home console again with the beautiful 3D graphics possible today that could bring back many of the classic boss characters.

Another LoZ remake like the Japan only Zelda BS and  in 2d HD graphics could be awesome too though.



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