Yveltal Wallpaper

Simply download this Yveltal Wallpaper sized Fan Art by slifertheskydragon or click to see it in the 1600×1200 resolution

Yveltal is a new legendary Pokemon for the X and Y games of the series which mark the next generation of Pokemon games and revealed alongside Xerneas in January.

After that happend, the internet saw a real flood of fan art dedicated to the two and the three starters Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie and we dedicated three days to the many great illustrations.


Here is another artwork of Yveltal which shows how awesome it can look as a wallpaper. The artist behind it, slifertheskydragon draws a ton of different stuff and cosplays too, check out his gallery at dA if this wallpaper makes you want to see more art like that!