Bioshock Infinite Cover Art

Bioshock Infinite Cover Artwork by MaKuZoKu

Bioshock Infinite is released for the Playstation 3, XB360 and the PC soon and it looks like the third part of the famous series is going to be damn great just like its predecessors.

There was a Poll about choosing the Cover Art for Bioshock Infinite in 2012 after the first Cover Art for the game got critizised for being too boring and standard FPS like and a really good looking artwork made the race which you can see below:

I am glad this one won, but this Cover Art featured on the right by MaKuZoKu from France is for sure damn great as well.

I wonder how it would have been rated if this one would have been part of the official poll.

If you like the manga style and art, i recommend you to visit his gallery at deviantART!

On his own gallery you can also download a much bigger version of this artwork.