Metal Gear Rising is a beast of a game, which i am still playing every day currently while i saw the ending credits of it last weekend.

Normally i am more the fighting game fan but the Trailers of MGR made me curious and after playing the Demo i just had to grab it last Month.

Without trying to act like an advertiser for Konami now..but buy this game and have a ton of fun with it if you like action, swords, a crazy story and characters like Raiden.

Oh yeah..this is an feature for this a bit dark but awesome Raiden Portrait made by the Australian Artist GreyRadian. This artwork of her was actually featured previously already on the official Facebook Page of Metal Gear Rising which is (for now!) a bigger thing than Game-Art-HQ and i am sure this is not the last website showing her work.

GR draws a lot fan art of a wide spectrum including Devil May Cry but also Movie and Comics related art like a really cool Deadpool Fan Art and yeah..the inevitable MLP stuff too…harrharr