Please enlarge this artwork by the German artist Hanzo Steinbach by clicking on it to see the many details he draw.

This is one of the submissions to capcoms Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Art Contest they held in April-May 2012. It was chosen to be in the Art Book which was available in the big SF Anniversary Box.

As a German by myself it made me a bit proud of course to see that we have artists like Hanzo, and it was even cooler that he participated in our Game Art HQ Street Fighter Tribute as well with one of the Adon vs Sagat Muay Thai Battle Scenes ..that entry is only published officially here on Game Art HQ

While Capcom choose mostly SF Character Group Pictures for their book, we made a project about the around 90 characters with artworks for every single one of them + battles scenes and more. All in all around 220 artists participated in our tribute.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Art