Adon and Sagat, the battle for the Title “God of Muay Thai

 Adon was once the apprentice of Sagat, however he couldnt believe that Sagat lost to Ryu in the first Street Fighter Tournament.

He didnt blame Ryu, but Sagat himself and sees him as a disgrace for Muay Thai.


I recommend watching both artworks in their complete size by clicking on the images

by metalhanzo

I’ve always been a fan of Sagat since Street Fighter 2 and then soon
  after Adon.I’ve always prefered characters that specified in kicks,but
  Sagat had it all and Adon’s speed proved lethal.

  I decided to go for a more moody piece and have them fight it out
  under a full moon.
  This was drawn and colored using Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos 3.”


Fedde about his Adon Vs Sagat Street Fighter Tribute entry:


It’s been great fun to work on the piece “Adon VS. Sagat”, especially since Adon is one of my favorite male characters in the Alpha series of Street Fighter.

Since the first time I picked up my first number of Computer and Video Games #173 in April 1996 (With a huge drawing of Sagat and Ryu on the cover) and turned to page 36 about Adon and saw the screenshots of his Jaguar knee I’ve been sold on this guy.

The first thing I did after that was drawing a colourful fan-art picture of him doing a Jaguar knee on a tree that split in half and then burst into flames.

(Lol) Sagat on the other hand..,Never had much for the guy since he’s been kicking my ass for years now.


When I went in sketching out this piece I had in mind that I wanted both characters attacking the other with one of their stronger moves, so I tried some of their Jaguar and Tiger moves and found that the Jaguar kick and the Tiger uppercut worked fairly well together composition wise.

For the background I knew I wanted it to look like they were on a beach somewhere in Thailand, with thoughts of how the Muay Thai warriors were training on the beach in the movie “the Quest”.(a movie I always find myself watching.. over and over again..)

When I had a reasonable good composition I made a detailed sketch of each character, extracted the lineart from them over my lightbox (sometimes I do it on my Cintiq, but it hardly ever turn out the way I want it using digital tools for lineart, so yay! to lightboxes.)

When the lineart looked smashing, it was time to heat up the scanner and get those lines into photoshop for some colours.

This time I coloured the whole thing behind the black lineart, then painted the lineart, and finally painted over the lines.

From concept sketching to the final piece it took me about a day of work(where a workingday is around 8hours), a few hours now and then.

Adon vs Sagat by Fedde