Street Fighter EX, published by Capcom but done by the arcade game specialists from Ariko in the mid nineties.

Due to the games made by Arika and Capcom never wanting the copyrights for their characters like Skullomania, Blair Dame, Garuda the around 15 more SFEX Series characters developed by Arika never made it into the other Street Fighter games i think.

It is a pity, since some of those characters were really good and i could see that especially Skullomania would work greatly as an rival of El Fuerte as example.

This Street Fighter EX + Alpha tribute artwork by the Australian artist Gee Hale was submitted to be a part of the official 25th Street Fighter Art Tribute but had no chance being taken alone already because mentioned Copyright issues =/

I saw that Gee uploaded it on deviantART and thought if it can’t be part of the official art tribute competition it should be a part of our Game Art HQ Street Fighter Tribute which was about the complete SF Series including the three EX games of course too.

This Street Fighter Tribute will be updated this year in summer by the way. I think about organizing something special for the Street Fighter Ex Series too.



Street Fighter EX