1986..Family Computer Disc System..Konami..Dracula..Simon Belmont.

That are the most important keywords about the first Castlevania game which was released that long time ago already. If you played it back  in the mid eighties you know you are old by now =/

Castlevania got a ton of sequels and was and is a damn successful game series with a lot of awesome games and iconic game characters. Seriously, gamers who don’t know about Simon Belmont, Alucard and those super strong whips need a lesson in game history class ūüôā

This game is old but it is still awesome..try it or many of its sequels out and make the great experience how it is to WHIP Draculase undead ass out of the human world …again and again!

This gallery is about art related to the first game, and yes..lucky there are some great artworks about this oldie, but some were also just made for our Game Art HQ Castlevania Series Art Tribute.

Have fun looking at these nice artworks!



Castlevania, the Start of the Series, drawn by its Fans

Simon Belmont vs Death in Castlevania 1 by Brendan Corris

Castlevania-Art-Tribute-The Saga begins  Castlevania Art Tribute - Simon vs Dracula