Simon Belmont is the classic Vampite Hunter (Killer) from the Castlevania Series.

He is the main protagonist of the first, the 2nd and the fourth Castlevania game and a playable character in a few more Castlevania games as well has having guest appearances in games like DreamMix TV: World Fighters and yes Evolution Skateboarding.

He might be the most known character from the Castlevania games beside Alucard and of course Count Dracula himself.

Konami changed his design quite drastically with the time,

while artists seem to prefer his oldschool look.

Simon Belmont Render


Drawn for the Game Art HQ Castlevania Tribute:

Castlevania Tribute - Simon Belmont Portrait Castlevania-Tribute-Simon-Belmont Castlevania Art Tribute Simon Belmont Castlevania Tribute - Simon's Quest



Simon Belmont the Vampire Killer from Castlevania drawn by great artists!

Simon Belmont Fan Art by Green StrangerBy Green Stranger


Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont Castlevania