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Alexander Kursekov Alexander Kursekov

So far only with the Agent 47 art you see on the left

GAHQ Tag: Alexander Kursekov

DeviantART A hobbyist who draws all kinds of things

So far only with the Elder Scrolls fan art you see on the left

GAHQ Tag: GreyFoxHel

DeviantART If beauty is a blessing this artist is blessed a beautiful style to draw.
IscariotElian IscariotElian

With one of her Catherine Cosplay Photos

GAHQ Tag: IscariotElian

DeviantART A wonderful cosplayer who tries out very different characters, but always with the result of very great looking photos.
Karlann Karlann

with the Diablo II Necromancer art

GAHQ Tag: Karlann

DeviantART draws rarely video game related things
Kenichi Kitsune  Kenichi-Kitsune

with a couple of Mortal kombat Concepts for Characters

GAHQ Tag: Kenichi-Kitsune

DeviantART Hobbyist with some good Ideas!
Lagro Ross Lagro Ross

with her Corvo Attano Art

GAHQ Tag: Lagro Ross

DeviantART Draws very serious art, but is not always a serious artist 🙂
Narga-Lifestream Narga-Lifestream

with multiple of her cosplays

GAHQ Tag: Narga Lifestream

DeviantART One of the popular cosplayers from Russia, beautiful and made flawless costumes for her photoshoots


Born in 1991

With some of the Cosplay Shooting Photos

GAHQ Tag: Nemu013

DeviantART Simply the best Jade and Kitana cosplayer ever seen.


So far with one Vaas Montenegro Artwork

GAHQ Tag: Push-Pulse

DeviantART A young russian professional artist who is very good at drawing realistic art, also a Resident Evil Fan!
Sergey Svistunov

Sergey Svistunov

Region of Moscow

Featured with almost all of his game related artworks

GAHQ Tag: Sergey Svistunov


A Hobbyist who draws like a professional. Also a big fan of the Mortal Kombat characters.
Tenori Tiger

Tenori Tiger

Aleksandra Bodler

with her GLaDOS Cosplay

GAHQ Tag: Tenori Tiger


A super cute cosplayer who created the maybe best GLaDOS costume ever