far_cry_3__vaas_montenegro wallpaper by_push_pulse small

Vaas Montenegro, the charismatic and funny..but also damn crazy villain from Far Cry 3 got painted here by Push-Pulse from Russia!

This is our first feature of an artwork by her and damn..call me impressed at this super realistical looking Vaas Portrait by her. She needed around 47 hours for this and used a wacom bamboo tablet to create it, 47 hours are a long time for one piece but in this case the time invested is well rewarded! Vaas does not only look really realistic in this art, but also have a nice pose and mimic, as well as a fitting background.

Everything on this artwork which should be great as a wallpaper too, is executed flawless i believe, so kudos @ Push-Pulse. We look forward to see what you are coming up with in 2013!