Phantom Ganon from Zelda Wind Waker

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Phantom Ganon Zelda WW 

Phantom Ganon is a recurring Boss in the Legend of Zelda games, he made his second appearance in Zelda: The Wind Waker and the design you see here to the left.

Augusto Cesar Flores from the USA draw our first entry of him for Link`s Blacklist.


Phantom Ganon Zelda Wind Waker Battle

The Battle against Phantom Ganon in Zelda WW is very similar to the ones against the dark wizard Agahnim in Zelda ALTTP, he throws energy balls at Link who has to use his sword to reflect them back to Phantom Ganon, like in a volleyball game. After 3-4 ball throws P-Ganon gets hit, falls down and Link can use his sword.

 Phantom Ganon WW

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