happy mask salesman

Happy Mask Salesman Render

This is the Happy Mask Salesman from Zelda: Majora`s Mask

He is the so far only character in Link`s Blacklist who is not a boss or enemy character in the first place.

However, this guy is such a creepy character that the artist behind our first entry of her,Keikilani from the USA and myself felt that he belongs into this project.

She had to say the following about the Happy Mask Salesman ūüôā :

“If you had told the ten-year-old me that the Happy Mask Salesman would end up being one of my favorite video game characters, I would have looked at you like you were insane.

I hated this guy as a kid. He freaked me out. Now that I’m replaying Majora’s Mask as an adult, I find him to be quite mysterious. Just who exactly is he? What is he? What are his intentions? Just how did he come to possess Majora’s Mask in the first place and HOW THE HECK CAN HE MAKE AN ORGAN APPEAR OUT OF THIN AIR?!! There are A LOT of theories on the internet: He’s a sheika.

He’s part of the original tribe that sealed Majora’s Mask, so on and so forth. They’re all just speculation, but it’s fun to read the different theories.

It’s such a shame there isn’t more art of him, he’s such an unappreciated Zelda character, especially when compared to some of the more popular characters like Link and Midna, but I like this guy.

Before you ask, YES that IS Mario hitching a ride on his backpack.”


The Happy Mask Salesman made his debut in Ocarina of Time and returned in Majora`s Mask and Oracle of Ages so far.

He seems to know more about Link than any other Zelda character, i wonder if we see him as some sort of a antagonist or hero in a future game.



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