Gyorg Majoras Mask

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 “The Gargantuan Masked Fish”

The Gyorg is the Boss of the Great Bay Temple in Zelda: Majora`s Mask, the third dungeon of the game.

Pedro Vinícius from Brazil is the so far youngest artist (16 Years old) who participated in our Link`s Blacklist Project, he has the following to say about his entry and Gyorg:

Gyorg is possibly the best boss from the Legend of Zelda series, he is chalenging, even if you know which itens to use, and yes, I know, the background looks a bit confusing, oh well, hope you like it.



The Gyorg is in general a recurring enemy of multiple Legend of Zelda titles, in Zelda: Majora`s Mask he got the Boss honors as the final Boss of the third dungeon of the game, the Great Bay Temple.

Gyorg Fight

In the battle against the Gyorg, Link must stun him first before he can dive to Gyorg and hit it as often as possible with his Sword.


 Gyorg Render

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