Ganon Twilight Princess

This is one of the few entries for Link`s Blacklist drawn with traditional tools, our first Ganon from Twilight Princess was drawn by Sugar Thief from Canada. Ganon TP 

Ganondorf Render

Fight Ganon Twilight Princess

Ganon in the Twilight Princess is again the main antagonist in the game and final boss.

He was captured by the sages an era ago, but escaped, killed one of the sages and well, tries to get the Tri-Force as usual and only the Hero, Link can stop him.

Ganon transforms again into a boar like creature in the final battle of the game.



Ganondorf Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Blacklist 2015

Ganondorf and Melissa Gabric, the artist behind our second illustration of him in Link’s Blacklist have at least one thing in common! 

 – They are both a part of this art collaboration since its first round back in summer 2012 🙂

Our first submission of Ganondorf from Zelda TP showed him relative nice looking while this new take is reflecting his dark ambitions and also shows parts of his demonic side already in the shadows.

In this 5th round of Link’s Blacklist it was possible for the first time to claim any characters, no matter if they were drawn before already. 

I hoped that there would be a big contrast between the different artworks of the same characters and these two illustrations of Ganondorf  are the best example to say that it was a good idea 🙂




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