Ganon Boss of Wind Waker  

This is Ganon, the main and final antagonist in his Zelda: The Wind Waker incarnation.

He looks a bit older as in Ocarina of Time, but wants the power of the Tri-Force as usual.

Our first entry of him for Link`s Blacklist was drawn by Marvin Law from Canada, read what he as to say about his work:

“It was a lot of fun to draw, given that I don’t normally draw much, in terms of Link or anything Legend of Zelda related. I’ve always been a fan of the artwork from the series, starting with Terada’s artwork for the original game and everything in between.

Decided to colour up this pin up for Ganondorf, a bit more colourfully, than even I normally do, given that this version of Ganondorf comes from the Wind Waker, which was a very colourful game, in and of itself. Hope you all enjoy, Marvin.”

Ganon Wind Waker In-Game

Long before the events in The Wind Waker, Ganon managed it to escape and cause terror in Hyrule once more.

No Link appeared this time and the Gods flooded Hyrule in order to stop Ganon.

However, he managed to free himself and subsequently rebuild his army.


 Ganon Wind Waker Render

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