Byrne from Zelda Spirit Tracks

Byrne is the only character so far for Link`s Blacklist who changes the sides during a game because the character sees the errors of his ways.

This Illustration was drawn by Zana Ozie from Portugal as an entry for

a Zelda Spirit Tracks related Group on dA. It is one of the few entries not directly created for Link`s Blacklist.


Byrne Spirit Tracks In Game

Byrne is one of the Bosses in Zelda: Spirit Tracks where he is a servant of Chancellor Cole first, but defect`s to Link`s side after seeing that the desire of power leads to nothing.

Byrne has actually three different names. Byrne in the USA, Staven in Europe and Digo in Japan. All three names are related to locomotives in some ways.

Byrne Boss Fight


Byrne Staven Render

Byrne Staven Digo

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Our second Byrne entry is from the belgian artist Gakoru

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