Mizuki Rashojin is one of the main antagonists in the Samurai Shodown fighting game series by SNK and debuted as the boss in Samurai Shodown II (1994). Mizuki did not return in the direct sequels but the spinoff game Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden (1997) as well as in the last NeoGeo game Samurai Shodown V: Special (2004) which was an exclusive title for the old arcade hardware for many years.

Mizuki also returned in Samurai Shodown VI (2005) which is rather a “dream-match” game with all characters of the series. She is one of the most difficult fighting game bosses in history. 


Overview of Mizuki from Samurai Shodown

Charactername: Mizuki Rashojin   Developed /Created by SNK
Gameseries: Samurai Shodown    First seen on: Arcades 
First Game: Samurai Shodown II    Year first seen: 1994
Last Game: Samurai Shodown VI (2005)    Birthplace: Japan
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Boss & playable character    Weapons: Sacred Tree Sprig of Mi-go 
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Mizuki from Samurai Shodown


Samurai Shodown VI (2005)

Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden (1997)

Samurai Shodown II (1994)



Mizuki in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects


Mizuki is a part of our Art Collaboration about the fighting game bosses, The Boss Tribute Round I and was first drawn in November 2011 for it



Selected Fan Art of Mizuki




Updates and Additions in Mizuk’s Game Art Gallery and Character Overview

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