Mizuki, the boss of Samurai Shodown II is  – in my opinion – one of the hardest bosses of all video games. She is definitive in one leage with geese Howard in the Art of Fighting II and it really needs luck to defeat her. 


The Tributes:


Mizuki from Samurai Shodown done for the boss tribute of .

Comparing to the one I did years ago, I’m happy with how I am improving.

Character property of SNK/Playmore. Enjoy! 

by senorfro



by SecretBoss



 Hello! A little while ago, I read that Game Art HQ was doing a fan art project to draw fan art of piles of bosses from all sorts of fighting games, and it sounded like it would be really fun to participate! I got to draw Mizuki from Samurai Shodown II, and even though trying to beat her has provided me with some truly infuriating and often futile gaming experiences, I think that she’s a pretty memorable character and had fun working on this.

I always thought that a lot of the Samurai Shodown games had really cool character art, so when I worked on this, I wanted to draw something that was a little attention getting, so I hope that worked. If I had to do this again, though, I think that I’d try and make it a bit larger.

I did this drawing on Inchworm Studio, for the Nintendo DSi.

by missy-tannenbaum



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