Due to us working mostly on the 100 galleries for the upcoming Pokemon Generation II Art Collaboration it looked like nothing was happening on Game-Art-HQ for some weeks now.

I thought it might be good to create a relative big update with excellent fan arts and cosplays by selected artists that gave us their permission to share their works here though so it won’t look like nothing is going on here!



The beautiful EnjiNight continued to amaze her fans with new cosplays this year including a cosplay of Lara Croft in her design from Tomb Raider Underworld, one of my favourite games of the whole series.

I got Rise of the Tomb Raider recently through Humble Monthly but doubt that it will be as challenging as TR Underworld. 

As usual, EnjiNight did not just cosplay Lara but also went the extra route to create photos that show her in action. Kudos also belong to her photographer BluePotion. They got the deserved DailyDeviation honor over at deviantart for the 2nd one!


There are many old video game characters that are still inspiring artists to draw excellent illustrations of them today. Alucard from Castlevania continues to be one of them. Speaking about Castlevania, it’s just awesome that Netflix kinda resurrected the classic Castlevania a bit with their anime series.

Kudos for this artwork belong to Ghostfire aka Julia Lichty who draws video game related art since years and never disappoints with her works. 



D.Va from Overwatch is a pretty new video game character but also one of the most popular ones since the game launched in May 2016. D.vA continues to have many thousands of fans worldwide and gets sexy art dedicated to her every week.

One of the artworks we liked was from Genzoman who was commissioned to draw this piece a while ago. 


The second cosplay featured today shows Jill Valentine, cosplayed for the second time by Narga-Lifestream who cosplayed her in her classic design from the first Resident Evil first and now tried to portray her in her changed look from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Makes me wonder if we are going to see her again as Jill from RE V or Relevations. Narga is one of the best cosplayers out there I think. Kudos belong also to her photographer, Kira Arts


Jill Valentine did also get some love by MortalShinobi who drew her in her classic design. The red lightning effects in the drawing were an experiment for him which was fun, and the results are looking great I think. Looking forward to his next works adapting these effects!



Thresh from League of Legends is just one of the over hundred available heroes in the game but probably the only one who will ever get a skin idea illustration about taking a Dog out for the Walk. Enjoy Dog Walker Thresh by VegaColors! Spread the Corgi Love 🙂


Last but not least we want to share this cute take on one of our all favourite Borderlands 2 characters, Gaige the Mechromancer. This one was drawn by Hozure who also participated in our Art Collaborations already and drew some amazing Final Fantasy character portrays recently as well. 


We continue to work on the Game Character DB of course but right now the Pokemon Tribute is the biggest priority! See you with a similar feature in 1-2 weeks!