Sudowoodo used Low Kick by Zeighous

Zeighous, aka John from the USA was one of the first artists that joined our first Pokemon Art Collaboration on the day it was announced (29th April.2016) and quicly took Venusaur. He joined other GA-HQ Projects before and created a wonderful Super Smash Bros. tribute for our Nintendo 64 20th Anniversary Project and drew Vire for the Link’s Blacklist. In summer 2017 he quickly claimed the weird Sudowoodo for our Gen II Tribute. 


His gallery is full of gems to see, I recommend to have a good look at it!

Low Kick

“A powerful low kick that makes the foe fall over. It inflicts greater damage on heavier foes”

The Low Kick is a Fighting-Style Move that deals damage with a power rating of 50 and has also a 30% chance of causing the Flinch status on the opponent.

Since the Gen III games its damage /power rating depends on the weight of the opponent and can rise to 120. Right now, only Machoke and Sudowoodo are using the Low Kick Move in this Project!



Sudowoodo’s Rock Head ability by andytantowibelzark

Andy Tantowi is one of the 2017 newcomers in a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration and is also one of only a couple artists from Indonesia that participated in one of our art collaborations so far.

His take on Sudowoodo is a big contrast to the majority of his other works you can see here!


Rock Head

“Rock Head prevents recoil damage from moves (except Struggle), but not from use of a Life Orb, Jaboca Berry, or Rowap Berry. Crash damage is still received if Jump Kick or High Jump Kick misses.”

Rock Head is an ability originally introduced in Generation III that stops the user from recoiling when particular moves are used that can causes the user to also take damage. This is very helpful as a lot of these moves that also hurt users are incredibly powerful and to eradicate this downfall is something that can become very dangerous.

This ability however is far from perfect and certain moves such as Struggle or a failed High Jump Kick will still cause the Pokemon to take damage unfortunately.

Sudowoodo is the currently only Pokemon that used the Rock Head move yet.



“It stands along paths pretending to be a tree. If it starts raining, it seems to disappear.”


Sudowoodo disguises itself as a tree in order to trick its foes into either not attacking it or into believing it is a Grass type as opposed to its actual Rock typing. It is the final stage of the Bonsly line.

Sudowudoo was first seen in the Gold and Silver games that was blocking a pathway to get into the next Pokemon town. In order to get it to move the player must acquire a Squirtle Bottle to water it and then battle it. This situation was very similar to the Snorlax blocking the path in the original Pokemon games, the only thing waking it being the played obtaining and playing a Pokeflute.

In the Pokemon anime Brock owned a Bonsly for a very long time that eventually evolved into a Sudowoodo. Bonsly was a very timid Pokemon but after evolving into Sudowoodo it gained a lot of confidence and became a very reliable ally to Brock.


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