Sodom debuted as the boss of the 2nd stage in the original Final Fight (1989) and its NES version Mighty Final Fight (1993) .

He became a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha (1995) and its two sequels Alpha 2 (1996) and Alpha 3 (1998) as well as in the fighting game Final Fight: Revenge (1999). Sodom can also be seen in a couple of stages of other games like Street Fighter X Tekken (2012) and most recently made it into the Korean Mobile game Capcom Super League Online (2018)


Sodom from the Final Fight and Street Fighter Games: an Overview

Charactername: Sodom    Developed /Created by Capcom 
Gameseries: Final Fight, Street Fighter   First seen on:  Arcades
First Game:  Final Fight   Year first seen: 1989 
Last Game: Capcom Super League Online (2018)   Birthplace:  USA
Role(s) and Characteristics: Boss & Fighting Game Character   Weapons: Jitte or Katana Swords
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Sodom from Final Fight and Street Fighter



Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

Sodom Street Fighter Alpha Art

Street Fighter Alpha (1995)




Sodom in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Sodom is a part of our big Street Fighter Tribute and was drawn twice already when we started it in 2012 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of SF. the Street Fighter Alpha part of the project.



Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of Sodom




Updates in the Video Game Character Database entry and game art gallery of Sodom

01.10.2018 – Creation of Sodom’s Gallery and DB Entry