Ever been in a small room with a flying creature and you know that whatever is flying  there is going to attack you? Imagine you are Link and are facing the Patra creatures…

“Here’s Patra from Loz for Links Blacklist!
I knew immediately which color scheme I wanted to use, the most difficult decision was the perspective since I had two ideas I liked a lot.  I went with this one since it puts you in the position of the victim”


Bleachbender from Belgia is a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community and especially the Link’s Blacklist since years already and drew a good couple of the early submissions for the giant Legend of Zelda Bestiary Project. Lately he seems to be inactive sadly but his works are still worthy to check out here!


Patra is a mini boss in the Death Mountain Dungeon in the original Legend of Zelda and fought only a few rooms before the main antagonist, Ganon himself.

This creature looks like a big flying eye with wings that is surrounded by smaller flying eyes that will attack Link constantly. 

Only the Sword and the Magical Rod can harm it actually.


The Patra did not return in any other Legend of Zelda game yet, but if it ever will, we are going to catch it with our art for Link’s Blacklist






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