Every enemy in the Legend of Zelda games has usually one big weakness, in the case of the [Japanese] Pols Voice ..just be loud and they won’t be a problem. (Otherwise use Arrows…)

Link is walking by Pols Voice by whistling!

I thought this would be a fun idea since Pols Voice has a weakness to sound, and it made it so adorable!! :3 <3 


CleverAsFoxes calls himself a Legend of Zelda Nerd and I believe he truly is one 🙂

He drew Zelda characters for our Link’s Blacklist but also for collaborations by other communities and I am pretty sure his take on the probably cutest Legend of Zelda (1986) enemy, the Pols Voice won’t be his last contribution for our big LoZ Bestiary Tribute.

Beside in our Zelda Project he also participated in the Pokemon Projects already. You can find more of his works via his gallery on dA here!


The Pols Voice are actually  ghosts with big Rabbit-like ears that are also their weak spots, because the players can defeat all of them with a single tone spoken into the microphone of the second controller…at least in the original Japanese version of the Legend of Zelda.

In the western versions of the original, their weakness is a single arrow strike which was of course not as effective as to say a loud “BOOH” and see all Pols Voice in a room being defeated at once.


Other Pols Voice enemies in Link’s Blacklist:

None yet 🙁




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