“V13 incoming! Taking a little liberty with this one. Lots of neons and lights oh my! This is for the Boss challenge over at Game Art HQ

edit – render done! I think anyway…. time for colors

edit- and done…I think…man why do i hate all my own stuff “

Art and description by Tom Kyster


“I always liked nu and Lamda’s design, but never really liked how they played. Feel free to compare this to my Lamda drawing from last year”

Art and description by Nick Savino


“Nu 13 from BlazBlue games. I only have played this game once, so I didn’t know how the character was. But being from a fighting game you must draw them with a cool pose.

Difficult to draw and easy to colour, I spend almost two days on drawing it. A whole afternoon drawing the sketch and a whole day inking and colouring. The main problem was I was finding wrong things: not fitting feet, hair, those antennae. At the end, the only easy thing was the flying blades, that came out easily.”

Art and description by by Alilali


Nu -No. 13- is the final boss of the first BlazBlue, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger in 2008 and became a playable, sometimes unlockable character in the later games.



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