“The tools I used is SAI Painter, and it took me 5-10 hours. I think Unknown is a really well designed character, she is fair and really dark purple gooey on her, making this really cool contrast on the body.

I will say that in the the second Tekken Tag Tournament game, Unknown has a better design, thats because there is no dark legless wolf thing behind her. The wolf was never cool and I hated it. “

Unknown drawn by Tekkoontan


” So .. I chosed Unknown because Tekken Tag is one of my favorite games and aesthetically I love this character. I also like the fact that she is mysterious :)

The design was done in pencil and then inked and colored digitally with the program: “CLIP PAINT Lab”

I think this project is very fun and interesting for all lovers of character designs and fighting games”

by ShadowxSiegfried


Unknown TTT Art by NamcoUnknown TTT2 Panel Artworks

Unknown is the mysterious final boss in both Tekken Tag Tournament games, or maybe “was”..since a bit about her origins were revealed in her and Jun’s ending in TTT2. Originally she was actually designed to be Jun’s sister but while not many details are known it seems she is actually Jun in a mysterious state. Personally I prefered her classic design with the Ghost or Demon Wolf behind her. She was also a lot more difficult in the first Tekken Tag Tournament game. 




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