Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd drawn by Cubehero

Cubehero from Germany is a Game-Art-HQ contributor since over two years now and submitted mostly fighting game related video game fan art including this Dizzy from Guilty Gear art that won our July 2016 Art Challenge. It was a surprise that he also participated in our Pokemon Tributes but his submissions can only be called awesome just like his take on Ramlethal Valentine for our Boss Tribute V2.

He drew over hundred video game fan arts here which you really should see if you like his take on Ramlethal!


Tom Kyster, aka Puzzletoad is an unforgettable part of the Game-Art-HQ community since the start in 2011 and participated with the probably most detailed illustration of the Mortal Kombat boss Moloch from MK Deadly Alliance in October 2011 already before he joined our first round of the fighting game boss tribute with Nu -No 13 from BlazBlue. Beside being a professional artist he found the time to work on multiple other artworks for our projects, his take on Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd for our 2nd round of the Boss Tribute is his currently last submission.

I recommend to have a look at all his other works here!


Shinragod from the USA is one of the most contributing members of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years and now also an  author of many of the galleries in our recent art collaborations like the Street Fighter Anniversary and Link’s Blacklist V2 since he became one of the admins and editors of GA-HQ in 2016!

Beside contributing illustrations to almost all our art collaborations in the last years, he is also drawing a lot of other fan art as well as own characters. Have a good look at his complete portfolio on dA here!


 Ramlethal Valentine is the final boss in Guilty Gear Xrd – Sign – but became a playable character during an update of the Arcade version. She is playable in the sequel GGX3rd -Revelator – as well and turned into one of the main protagonists actually.




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