“Omega” Rugal from KOF’95 drawn by Jaredjlee

Rugal Bernstein drawn by Esaulfurtado

“KOF 95 for Saturn was the first time I got to play the game at home. I would rent a Saturn over and over with that game and any Capcom titles I could get. Great memories. When I ended up buying the PSX version of  KOF’95 I was so disappointed, because the frame rate had been murdered. :(

Still a very fun game. I often use the game in a CD player to listen to the awesome music.

So, yeah. I have a soft spot for Omega Rugal. We spent a lot of time together. Considering how much Rugal beat me up…”


I did this one by hand, and colored it using Corel Photo-Paint X3, It took me about 10 hours to finish him, cause the main lines weren’t dark enough so I’ve had to re-draw everything again( with a mouse ¬¬ I swear…I’m gonna buy a tablet asap). I really love creating my own version of the caracters that I love the most , including Rugal.

I created this version based on Latin male posh clothes…once agian…Bloodly RED is my favourite Color I tried to transform him in a sexy dark Don Juan… and thanks to my friend’s opinion (*GBK666) I looked for a stage which could fit better than my first try to this is it!



Rugal Bernstein is the main antagonist, final boss and tournament hoster of the King of Fighters Tournaments in the first two KOF games. While he was beaten and even killed in KOF’95, SNK brought him back in the “Dream-Match” KOF games like KOF’98 and 2002, he is also a playable character and possible boss in the Capcom vs. SNK crossover fighting games.



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