This is Pyron, alien entity from the planet Hellstorm, and boss of the Darkstalkers fighting-game series. He’s a lifeform made of pure energy, who wants to conquer the universe. He found in Earth’s Darkstalkers a challenge and an enjoyment, so he decided to take a humanoid form just to entertain himself fighting them.

I think Pyron is a cool boss for Darkstalkers, the only thing I didn’t like about him is his not very tall sprite in the original game (Actually he shares the same problem as Demitri). Well, I hope CAPCOM will give him a more adequate size in the so rumored new game of the series.

by DaiKuwabara (November 2011)


“The brightest Dark Stalker. The Red Giant, PYRON!

This version of Pyron is brought to you in part by FGE and Game Art HQ For their AWESOME BOSS TRIBUTE!”

by Mulcimber


Morrigan’s Death.

by Mortalshinobi



Unlike the other Darkstalkers, Pyron is not based on a monster from old myths but actually an Alien from a planet known as Hellstorm. Pyron is over 200 Million years old and loves to fight and to “collect” other worlds by consuming them in his flames. He is the final boss in both Darkstalkers 1 and 2 and also returned in all home console versions of Darkstalkers 3. He is one of Capcom’s most difficult fighting game bosses and unlike many others a real threat for the players that dare to challenge him.




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