Ogre from Tekken 3, drawn by Romeo J. Gonzales

Romeo J. Gonzales is like myself a big fan of the Mortal Kombat fighting games and is an active member of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years. He was one of the first artists that claimed two of the around 20 new Bosses that we were planning to cover in our second Round of the Fighting Game Boss Tribute. 


True Ogre from Tekken 3 drawn by Nick Aldridge


Ogre, also known as Ancient Ogre in his human-like form and True Ogre in his final boss /beast form is the final boss of Tekken 3 and returned as a mid-boss in the Tekken Tag Tournament 1-2 and a stage of the Devil Within game  in Tekken 5 and also as one of the bosses in Street Fighter X Tekken. Not a lot is known about Ogre, who is called the God of Fighting by the Aztecs.

Heihachi Mishima tried to capture Ogre to use his blood to become stronger and to create an “Ultimate Lifeform”. Ogre defeated the Tekken Force troops and defeated Heihachi. Paul Phoenix actually beat Ogre in his human form but left the Temple in Mexico not knowing that Ogre was not defeated and changed his form to that of True Ogre. Jin Kazama, the son of Kazuya and Jun defeated True Ogre eventually.


Ancient Ogre drawn by Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a big fighting game fan since years and participated multiple times in our FGE Project already, his take on Ancient Ogre is one of his first submissions to one of our big art collaborations however!




Warning, it’s getting slightly NSFW here now 🙂

Victor “Vf02ss” Boggiano is one of the few artists from Peru that are a part of this community. His first contribution was also Street Fighter related and for our art contest in July when games that were released in 2016 were the topic. His next one was the contribution for our fighting game boss tribute all about Ancient Ogre posting like a champ with all the Tekken beauties.He also participated with a lot of motivation and excellent submissions to our Street Fighter Tribute, starting with Birdie from SFI.

You can see his whole portfolio in his gallery on dA here, be warned there is NSFW stuff there as well.


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