by SuperManosBros


I never drew Mr. Karate, or Krauser, before so I stepped up to draw them. I have drawn Rugal before, but all the drawings were not very good.

Another reason is I wanted to test out that method I used on a Lady Deadpool painting I made again. No color flats, just color layer over a white background. I have been going to Akiman’s HP and noticing that he gets the roughs down then just refines them. That has lead me to try this. It works very well, and stops me from doubting myself so much. I always take extra care with each line as if I can’t erase it. I have been sketching the strucure of my characters for around 10 years before inking/ finalizing my lines.  Yet I am growing tired of the process being so drawn out.

When I was growing up, all the way through my 11th grade of High School. I would get so many drawings done in such a short amount of time. Now I hardly finish 1 a month. So I am trying to find a new process that keeps everything I have learned, but gives me back the speed I lost. That way I can get more work done for my clients faster.

by Jaredjlee


Mr. Karate is the final boss in the classic Art of Fighting, and actually Takuma Sakazaki the father of the “kidnapped” Yuri Sakazaki and Ryo Sakazaki who tried to rescue his sister alongside Robert Garcia. While he was one of the hardest fighting game bosses in the early nineties he became a playable character in the direct sequel Art of Fighting 2 and also in the King of Fighters series and a couple crossover games like SNK vs. Capcom. His moveset was almost identical to Ryo’s but he was a lot stronger, faster and it seemed like he could almost read the player’s moves…

The Mr.Karate persona was used by Ryo Sakazaki in a few games as well but he never returned as the definite final boss of a fighting game.




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