by Karn Kirk Ratanasin

by Zip Skyblue

Karn Kirk Ratanasin, also just known as DigiFlohw from the USA uses his beautiful style to draw all kinds of stuff but video games and some of their characters have a big place in his heart as he continues to draw them for Game-Art-HQ Collaborations from time to time. His first submission was actually Rikku from Final Fantasy X but as a big fighting game fan he also participated in our SoulEdge project alongside other collaborations. Have a look at his gallery here!


Zip Skyblue is a big fan of fighting games and their characters and participated in multiple FGE / Game-Art-HQ Collaborations already, beside his take on Marie from Skullgirls for the Fighting Game Boss Tribute V2 he also drew Kaori Kojiroh from the almost forgotten Last Blade 2 (Amazing game btw.) recently. Have a look at his gallery here!




by Julius B.

Julius B. from Argentina is a fan of Skullgirls, Darkstalkers and many other fighting games, you can see a lot of other stuff in his gallery as well though!



Marie is the current Skullgirl and the main antagonist of Skullgirls. While she looks almost innocent and peaceful, this girl can use all kinds of skulls and bones to hurt her opponents and knows more cheap shots than a good couple SNK fighting game bosses. I was never able to beat the 300% Marie battle. 



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