By Rissa-chi

Rissa-chi from Indonesia is a J-RPG addict like myself. Both the Persona and the Tales of… game series captured her heart as well as a good couple of the fighting games out there.

She joined our FGE / Game-Art-HQ community a good while ago already and created an amazing piece for the almost forgotten Chocobo Racing for our Playstation Tribute back in 2014 as her first submission to one of our art collaborations. Thanks to her, Phonon from Under Night in Birth made it into our FGE Project and her take on Shadow Labrys from Persona 4 Arena might be one of the most epic illustrations ever made for this cool character!

I recommend to have a look at her whole gallery over at dA!


by Ed Moffatt

by Darthplegias

Ed Moffatt from the UK is one of Game-Art-HQ’s longest and most active members. He participated the first time with his take on Blair Dame from Street Fighter EX in our Street Fighter Art Tribute in 2012 already and joined many of our other game art collaborations as well including our Fighting Game Boss Tribute V2.

Have a good look at his big portfolio on dA here!


Darthplegias, aka Icaros Touma likes to draw characters from fighting games and especially the girls from them, you will also find some of the rather kinky stuff in his gallery 🙂

Have a look here!


Shadow Labrys is the final boss and one of the main antagonists in Persona 4 Arena. Her Persona is actually active for the most of the time during a battle and it made her quite the tough opponent in the game.

Shadow Labrys is kinda mad, sadistic and hysteric and even after he defeat in the game, she was able to return in the sequel Persona 4 Arena Ultimax as a playable character. Like other “Evil” variations of usually good characters she is more or less a clone but has many own specials and her unique Persona to make her difference from Labrys.



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