by Cyberll

by Demonic-Brute

Cyberll from Russia is a fan of Hazama and drew multiple pieces of him already. Back in December 2016 I had the problem that one of the artists who claimed Hazama before had to drop out of this project and so I looked around and asked her if its okay to use one of her takes on Hazama for our Boss Tribute. She liked the idea, and that’s how we found a solution very fast ūüôā

Have a look at her gallery which is full of good stuff including many other fan art of Hazama!


Demonic-Brute is a part of the Fighting-Games-Elite Community since around a year and participated with Hazama from BlazBlue in our Fighting Game Boss Tribute V2 already before he joined our  Street Fighter Art Collaboration as one of the first ones to claim Ken Masters, as well as the 2nd spot for Lee when he submitted his take on Ken already.

You can see more of his works via his gallery on dA!

Hazama from BlazBlue

Hazama is one of the main antagonists in the whole BlazBlue series and pulled the strings already in the first game, BB Calamity Trigger where he was only shown as part of the story and not yet playable. Since his debut in the sequel BlazBlue Continuum Shift he is both a boss and a playable character, actually one of the funniest in the whole game.

Hazama is also one of the most eloquent characters in a fighting game ever seen. Oh, and he is a fucking lovely narcissist. 



by MaoHell

MaoHell‘s first contribution to a Game-Art-HQ art collaboration was his take on Hazama from BlazBlue, he draws a ton of different art but you will find especially fighting game related art in his excellent gallery on dA here!




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