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by Huseyin Sekerciler


Koko desu ka?

Leopold Goenitz is the final boss in the King of Fighters’96. After his defeat he committed suicide. Goenitz was one of the Hakkeshu (Orochi’s Servants) like Mature and Vice that can still visit the mortal realm and still serves his master Orochi by studying the mentality of the humankind. During his lifetime he defeated Rugal Bernstein easily when he was just eighteen by ripping out one of he eyes of the older man. He is not only very strong but can also control the element of the Wind for many special moves which made him a really annoying boss back in KOF’96. 

Goenitz returned as a playable (unlockable) character in the crossover fighting game SNK vs. Capcom and also in the remakes of KOF’98 and 2002. 




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