by Harry7Mason

Gill reborn again… The illuminatti and Kolin witness his resurrection.


Gill is the final boss of all Street Fighter III game literations. Gill did not return in any other game as a playable character since SF III Third Strike but it looks like he is going to return sooner or later in Street Fighter V as one of the DLC characters after 2017. 

While Gill might not be very popular in comparison to M.Bison, he is considered to be the most difficult boss in the Street Fighter history.

His colors are symbolizing ice and fire attacks, and depending on which site of the screen he fights, his color and attacks are different. When you fought him and won..he does a move called “resurrection” and that name is you have to fight him twice with one energy bar.




“This picture took about a month to complete, mainly because of college and finals. I drew the base in pencil, colored it all pretty with colored pencils, and plugged it into Photoshop for the finishing touches.

I chose to draw Gill because he was always a royal pain in the ass to beat, but was sooooo worth it when you did beat him! I honestly think Capcom should introduce Gill as a hidden boss in the next installment of Street Fighter.”

by FunkyHiroyuki



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