Hey everybody, here’s a pin-up of Geese Howard of both Fatal Fury and King of Fighters fame. He’s a classic fighting game boss, who is utterly devastating and has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Many times, I have gone to face him, and many times he’s handed me my backside to me.

I’ve always wondered if, Geese Howard is actually the father of both Terry and Andy Bogard, since young Geese looks a lot like Andy, does now.

And if you look at Rock Howard, who was in Garou: Mark of the Wolves and compare him with Andy and Terry, there are alot of similarities that cannot be overlooked.

by Marvin000


Geese Howard SNK vs Capcom Game Art

Geese Howard, the son of a poor American Woman and an Austrian terrorist had no easy teenager life and probably came in touch with criminal subjects and their way to life very early. He learned that only power will grant results. He built up connections with the local mafia in Southtown when he was a corrupt policeman, he learned mainly Japanese martial arts from strong teachers and eventually became an Underworld Boss in the city and build up his own syndicate. Geese Howard was actually hosting the first King of Fighters tournament that was entered by the brothers Terry and Andy Bogard and their friend Joe Higashi. 

Geese Howard has been a boss and antagonist character in Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, The King of Fighters and the Capcom vs. SNK crossover series. He is actually dead in the Fatal Fury timeline. 


Those who know me should know pretty well how much I admire this guy, and how much I could go on rambling about his awesomeness… mostly because I actually took the time and dig through info about him, since most SNK (as well as Capcom) characters from back in the days have some very deep stories and personas… which is never included in games for whatever reason, and is only obtainable through other sources… |D

So here he is, the Ruler of Southtown himself, performing his signature special move. Hope you’ll like it.

PS.His name is actually an alternate romanization from Japanese, of the German name Giese, which in turn is a short form of the name Giesbrecht, which means “noble offspring”.

by LukeTheRipper




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