Geegus from World Heroes drawn by Aleksi Remes


Geegus from ADK/ SNK’s World Heroes -series. This one is for ‘ Game-Art-HQ’s fighting game villain themed fan project. I wanted to draw a villain from an underdog series for a change, and since there aren’t very many World Heroes related fan art out there…

I decided to go with Geegus and make him look really, really brutal with a very dark atmosphere. You can see from the picture that he has already taken care of some of the heroes from the games.

The series itself is often seen as something of an uninspired Street Fighter-rip-off, so it didn’t get very popular. Even when later they introduced some new and interesting mechanics and better character designs, the series died out eventually. I like many of the World Heroes cameos in some newer SNK games like NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.

Geegus World Heroes Profile Art

Geegus itself was the final boss of the first game, and he had the ability to transform into any of the fighters in the game. His look might be a bit boring and generic, and in the games he definitely wasn’t intimidating or any threat, but I tried to change that here with this look, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Geegus’ hairstyle seems to be different though… In the first game he seemed to be bald, in later games he got a weird short style, but in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum he had this Geese-style, which I thought looked the best, so I just went with it.

Anyways, painted with Letraset Tria markers, Promarkers and gouache paint, edited with Photoshop. 



Geegus in World Heroes

Geegus (Gelatinous Execute and Exterminate Genotype Ultimate Soldier) is the unplayable final boss in the first World Heroes (1992) fighting game and was replaced by Neo Geegus in the sequel.



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