Garuda from Street Fighter EX drawn by Adivider 

Garuda from Street Fighter EX drawn by Franjo Gutierrez

Garuda Street Fighter EX Official Game Art Garuda Street Fighter EX2 Official Art Garuda Street Fighter EX3 Official Art

Garuda is one of the main antagonists and bosses in the Street Fighter EX trilogy by Arika that was released on Arcade Systems and the first two Playstation consoles between 1996- 2000.

Similar to Oni Akuma, he is a demon that is bloodthirsty and searches for strong opponents that utilized strong powers like the Satsui No Hadou or the Psycho Power from M.Bison.

Garuda is an unlockable boss character in all three Street Fighter EX games, there are also stronger “Shin” versions of him. Like Akuma he was once a human as well.

Unlike many other fighting game boss characters, Garuda makes no use of many projectile based special moves, instead the majority of them are based around the countless blades that can protruding out of his whole body. He also hides a sword inside of his body that he can use in one of his super moves. 


Garuda from Street Fighter EX drawn by Diego Porto


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