Abyss from SoulCalibur by Kargonaute, once known as Kergran in 2011, this was our first Boss Tribute submission of Abyss.


Abyss is the final boss in SoulCalibur III (usually) and born when Zasalamel unites the two Swords SoulEge and SoulCalibur and absorbs there magic.

This is basically still Zasalamel but he has a lot of special moves now that give him advantages above the other characters like shooting a big fireball, similar to Jinpachi Mishima in Tekken 5.

Abyss is unlockable in the game as one of the last characters the players can find.


Abyss was drawn again when we continues the Fighting Game Boss Tribute in 2016, Cloudsdevourer and BartonDH. Both also contributed pieces for our SoulEdge Tribute that was celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the game and the SoulCalibur series in general.

Kudos to both Artists! *5*


Abyss was an awesome fighting game boss with a relative deep story behind him but was sadly not seen again in a later SoulCalibur game. Since Zasalamel was also missing in the currently still last game of the series, SoulCalibur V (2012) it is very unlikely we will ever see him again in a video game.  

There is another unplayable final boss in SoulCalibur known as Night Terror, we might cover him in a future version of the Fighting Boss Tribute!



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