Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, often just called Amakusa from the classic Samurai Shodown

drawn by Bruna “Lady Mignon” Rosário

I had so many ideas for this boss. Many poses, many ways of representing him.

When I researched about him, I’ve noticed that he has too many colours of his outfit lol well I wanted to stay to faithful to the original character, but he appears purple due to his evil side from Samurai Shodown IV and I don’t really appreciate it. I like his “normal” state. Although he shows up purple on the intro.

I’m repeating myself…it’s late. i’m tired. :yawn:

Although it was for the Boss project of Game-Art-HQ I’ve always wanted to draw him… he’s cool to paint.


Amakusa Samurai Shodown on Game Art HQ

Shiro Tokisada Amakusa is a recurring boss and playable character in the Samurai Shodown series. He is based on the historical Amakusa Shirō, who led a Christian rebellion in the Shimabara region of Japan where the bakufu army crushed his revolt and executed him.



Amakusa was also drawn by Blackorb00 back in 2011 when we started our Fighting Game Boss Tribute


Amakusa is the final boss in the first Samurai Shodown and returned in that role in Samurai Shodown IV, he is unlockable via codes in the console versions of both games and became one of the characters that were added in the till today NeoGeo Exclusive Samurai Shodown 5 Special. Amakusa is also playable from the start in Samurai Shodown VI that featured Demon Gaoh as its boss.

Amakusa is so far the only Samurai Shodown character in our Fighting Game Boss Tribute. 



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