Borderlands 2 by Gearbox Software was first released in September 2012 for the Playstation 3, XBox360 and PC, there were GOTY re-releases as well as ports for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One later.

The game is again a mix between a first person shooter, and many typical ARPG features like the focus on finding loot and tons of weapons as well as different skill trees for the characters.

The story is a much bigger element in Borderlands 2 than in the first part. This time it affects the whole planet Pandora and all its citizens. Many characters and also enemy types from the first Borderlands return but the playable ones are completely new. 


Characters from Borderlands 2 in the Game-Art-HQ Database:





Goliath (Borderlands)



Handsome Jack

Lilith BL







Official Game Art of Borderlands 2 like Ads, Flyers, Renders, Wallpaper, Cover and Concept Art:


All Borderlands 2 characters and enemies Artwork



All 6 Borderlands 2 Class Characters

Gaige and Deathtrap Borderlands 2 Render Art

Gaige the Mechromanzer Render Art

Gaige Borderlands 2 Concept Art

Gaige Concept Art

Goliath Borderlands 2 Concept Art Goliath Concept Art Enraged Borderlands 2

Goliath Borderlands 2 Concept Art

Handsome Jack Handsome Jack Borderlands 2 Concept Art  Handsome Jack Borderlands 2 Intro

Handsome Jack Borderlands 2 Render, Concept Art, Introduction

Lilith Borderlands 2


Maya Borderlands 2 Concept Art Maya-Borderlands-2

Maya the Siren concept Art / Wallpaper

Zer0 Borderlands 2 Art Render Zer0 Borderlands 2 Concept Art

Zer0, Borderlands 2 Render Promo Art



Borderlands 2 in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects:


Claptrap the Fragtrap

Claptrap the Fragtrap

by Eddy Shinjuku

We held a Borderlands 2 Art Contest back in 2012, in 2014 we chosed Claptrap to be the weekly Character Art Challenge which resulted in around 20 illustrations of the annoying little bastard. 


Selected and featured Borderlands 2 Fan Art:

Lilith-Borderlands-Cosplay Lilith the sexy Siren from Borderlands 2 Cosplay by_beethy Lilith Borderlands Cosplayer  Lilith Borderlands 3 Cosplay

Lilith Cosplay by “The Official Lilith” Yasemin Aslan and the photographer Beethy

Borderlands 2 cosplay

Lilith & Roland Cosplay

by Nebulaluben

Borderlands 2 Comic Art

Borderlands 2 Comic Art

by Steven Oaks

Borderlands 2 Happy Pandora by_yumochka .jpg

Christmas on Pandora

by Yumochka

Borderlands 2 Girls by Doubleleaf

Borderland 2 Girls

by DoubleLeaf

Claptrap by Guzzardi

Real Claptrap

by Guzzardi

Handsome Jack Portrait

Realistic Handsome Jack

by Sheridan Johns

Maya The Siren Borderlands Art

Maya the Siren Portrait Art

by MagicnaAnavi

Maya Borderlands Cosplay

Maya Borderlands 2 Cosplay

by Nebulaluben

Maya the Siren Pis Off

Pis Off!

by TheBoyOfCheese

Zer0 Borderlands 

Zer0 ..the Number!

 by Justduet 



Screenshot Gallery of Borderlands 2:





Updates in the Borderlands 2 Gallery