40 Winks, also known as Ruff & Tumble is a 3D platformer for the Playstation. A Nintendo 64 version was also in the works but cancelled.

40 Winks was developed by Eurocom Interactive and published by GT Interactive. In 2010 the game was re-released for the Playstation Network (PSN) in Europe


40 Winks / Ruff & Tumble Screenshot Gallery

40 Winks Intro, and Menu Screens

The Intro Movie

The 40 Winks Villain

40 Winks Title Screen

Main Menu

The Options

Controls in 40 Winks


Gameplay Screenshots of 40 Winks

Now Brush yer Teeth Lil Nemo!

Scary Tumble is Scary

Exploring is Fun

You got Caged!

40 Winks was a well produced 3D Platformer for its time, it managed more or less to bring Mario 64 gameplay to the Playstation and the game itself is even today funny to play, at least for kids though i think.

The levels are well done, there is a lot to explore and the characters and background story are well written and designed.

I played the game via the EPSXE Emulator and used a higher resolution than 640×480 for 40 Winks it means a good improvement for the graphics in my personal opinion, on a original Playstation it looks quite pixelated, and that sadly on the PS3 via PSN as well.

If anyone wants to try out this quite good game, get the Playstation version, play it on a Emulator…it seriously is better on the eyes than the normal Playstation graphic i bet thats even cheaper than the inferiour PSN downloadable version